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User Friendly Victim Hi, this is my page on www./usr/ I hope, you don't expect it to show the full spectrum of my personaltiy. If you want to get that, you should try to conntact me in Real Life. Maybe my pages in german language at the IN-Berlin satisfy your curiosity. Still, that won't give you a full picture.

As this medium (WWW) you are using by reading this, is computer-based, the main focus of these - my - pages is on computers. At this time, I will only list items concerning my relation to Linux. (Remember, this page is graciously hosted on a Webserver dedicated to Linux Penguins)

So my major relation to Linux is, that I'm using it since I'm using Intel-PCs. I had some experience with Unix, but close to none with DOS and Windows. Therefore, I only considered bying a PC after I heard about Linux. That was at the time of Kernel 1.2.13 - which was a very good one, by the way1.

So, I'm going to publish some of my Linux know-how on my Linux Page(s). Some Skripts I wrote can be found in /usr/local/scripts

1 On the other hand: This is somehow valid for all Linux Kernels I ever used. Probably, this is a feature of Linux, not of the respective Kernel ;-).

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